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Basic LED Nav Light Upgrade Kit

Part #: Z2847
This kit allows you to upgrade your older bow and stern light systems to the more modern and safer style lighting fixtures used on newer boats. In addition to higher visibility, the LED capsules in this kit consume only 10% of the power of the older incandescent lights. If your boat is currently equipped with hull mounted bow lights, you'll save even more energy, as now you will be powering one super efficient LED instead of two power hungry incandescent bulbs. Kit includes wire to extend your bow and stern light wiring through the pulpit legs, our new stainless steel rail mount brackets, and sealant to reseal the feet of your pulpit to the deck.
Caution: While these LED lights are brighter than the original incandescent bulbs, they have not undergone the US Coast Guard approval process. You must decide for yourself if it is more important to save energy or for the lamps to be Coast Guard approved.