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Pumps, Plumbing, & Propane Systems

Marelube in Action
Only one click away.
Propane Safety Instructions
Protect your boat and crew!
Sanitizing Your Fresh Water System
Make sure your fresh water supply is healthy!
Through Hull Evolution - Caution Vintage Catalina Owners!
To change or not to change? Don't let that question keep you up at night, but pray it is not water waking you in the morning.
Lubricating Marine Ball Valves
Watch this video link for an illustration of why you should lubricate your marine ball valves
Pipe Sizes and Why They Are So Confusing
Why doesn't my 3/8" NPT fitting measure 3/8"?
11.4 GPM Pump Installation & Maintenance
Select a suitable position for installation where the pump can be operated comfortably with the full ...
28 GPM Pump Installation & Maintenance
The Gusher Titan is designed for mounting on or through deck or bulkhead. The standard model allows considerable ...
17 GPM Pump Installation & Maintenance
This bilge pump is designed to exhaust standing water. Output capacity depends on installation conditions and ... 
Raritan SeaEra mounting template
Use this full size mounting template to verify that your new electric head will fit in you boat