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Retractable Keel Design and Maintenance

History of the Retractable Keel Design
For a full understanding of the keel pivot mechanism, read these articlles in order
Keel Locking Bolt
Do you wear your life jacket when it gets windy?
Keel and Pivot Pin Wear
Or where did my keel go?
Keel Casting Retrofit Eliminates Wear
Eliminate the problem so you don't have to repair the symptom again.
Keel Centering Spacer Kit
You must complete the second part of the project
Keel Fasteners
Those four bolts are all that hold my keel on?
How the System Works
Why doesn't the winch ratchet on the way down?
Routine Keel Lifting Hardware Maintenance
Be sure to check the parts you don't usually see.
Trailering a Retractable Keel Boat
Special procedures that should be observed.