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Lowell President


My first sail was in 1970 with a classmate, on a dinghy built by her grandfather.

I launched Catalina Direct in 1974.

Most memorable sailing moment: Summers spent sailing with my family in the Pacific North West and destinations throughout the western U.S.

When not sailing we're sailing! We love to charter Catalinas wherever in the world we find one. It’s great fun and an opportunity to learn even more about all the Catalina models.



Kent Managing Partner, Sales


I first got my feet wet in 1984 when I went sailing on the Potomac with my aunt on a family homemade boat. 

Joined Catalina Direct in 2013 after working as an engineer at Catalina Yachts for 12 years.

Most memorable sailing moment: A gnarly knockdown next to an oilrig off the CA coast.

What I do when I am not sailing: I am chasing my two sons around the park, and volunteering with my local church group.


Kevin Sales Team


My first sail was in 2007 after trying radio controlled sailboats, then taught myself to sail a real one.

Talking to sailors at Catalina Direct since 2008

Peak sailing experience: Watching a pod of dolphins play around my boat under a full moon at night.

When I'm not sailing: I'm on the water in my kayak, stargazing, listening to music, or sailing my Hurricane 36/600 radio controlled sailboat.




Darrel Fulfillment Team


My first sail was in 1995 with friends on the Delta.

Joined Catalina Direct in 2019

Peak sailing experience: Looking up at the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time.

When I'm not sailing: it's working on HAM radios, music, or custom models.





Todd Managing Partner, Operations


My mother put me in my first sailing class in 1981 at the CSUS Aquatic Center.

Started cruising in 2011

Joined Catalina Direct in 2009

Most memorable sailing moment: Breaking a spinnaker pole in half as guest crew on my first race.

When I'm not sailing: I spend my time enjoying friends and family.




Eric Fulfillment Team






Lesley Receptionist/ Administrative Assistant


Looking to take my first sail in 2020

Started at Catalina Direct in 2019


Most memorable sailing moment: will be my first sail in SF Bay

When I'm not sailing: I am trying out new recipes for my family.



John Consultant


Racing and Cruising since learning to sail with my high school art teacher aboard his Lightning in 1963. 55 years well spent.

At Catalina Direct from the start.

Memorable sailing moment: My wife and I on our Vindo 65 approaching our very first lock on the Trollhatten Canal with water pouring over the gates well above our spreaders just yards in front of our bow.

When I'm not sailing: it's woodworking or Tear Drop camping in our Vistabule trailer.



Paula Graphic Design


One sail on San Francisco Bay in 1979 and I was hooked!


At Catalina Direct since 1984.


Peak sailing experience: Sailing around Greece’s Peloponnesian Peninsula.


When I'm not sailing I’m creating art & rambling back roads around the world.



Graham Advertising and Promotions



My first sail was on Tomales Bay in 1993 when I was a few months old. My Dad made a lea cloth for my berth so I could take a nap while sailing without falling out.


At Catalina Direct forever... I was born into the company.


When I'm not sailing: I’m in my studio creating music.