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Welcome to Catalina Direct Online

We are the largest supplier of parts for Catalina Yacht owners in the country. We specialize in parts, custom up-grades, and accessories for Catalinas. From single replacement parts to complete systems, we deliver items locally, across the country. and to locations world wide wherever Catalinas are found.

Our site includes hundreds of pages and thousands of parts for Catalinas of all sizes, but they are still only a small fraction of the over 5600 items we carry for Catalina sailors. If you need something for your Catalina and don't find it, please call. It is likely it is in our extensive inventory.

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Catalina Direct Online Store
Regardless of your locale, our Catalina Direct service helps to maintain the simple pleasures of sailing we all enjoy.

 What's New
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Wheel Stick Telescoping Steering Control Arm

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Spring Line Replacement
C-22, CP-22

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Dock Line Replacement
C-22, CP-22, C-25,
CP-25, CP-26,C-250

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Dock Line and
Spring Line Kit C-25,
C-250, CP-25, CP-26

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Dock Line and Spring Line Kit C-22, CP-22