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Sanitizing Your Fresh Water System

Sanitizing Your Fresh Water System

Potable water systems require periodic maintenance to keep components working properly and deliver a consistent flow of fresh water. Sanitizing is recommended at least once a season, prior to storing, after a period of storing, or any time the system is opened or contaminated. 

We all want nice, clean, and odor free water dispensed from our onboard faucets. Follow these instructions to help ensure you don't end up with a surprise in your cup.



1) Note: Bypass any filters or remove filter cartridges prior to starting. 

2) Determine the amount of common household bleach needed to sanitize the tank. Two ounces of bleach for every 15 gallons of tank size should do it. (Metric: one ml of bleach for every liter of tank size) 

3) Mix the bleach with water in a container such as a gallon size jug. If the tank is filled through a pressurized fitting, pour the bleach into the hose before attaching to the city water supply. 

4) Pour the bleach solution into the tank and finish filling the tank with potable water. Put some Jimmy Buffett on the stereo and get the boat rockin'... Seriously! Rock the boat back and forth...a lot...to coat the top and sides of the tank. 

5) Open all faucets (both hot and cold) allowing the water to run until the odor of chlorine is detected. Allow four hours of contact time to disinfect completely. Doubling the solution concentration reduces contact time to about one hour. 

6) Drain the tank. Refill the tank and flush the system once or twice until the odor of chlorine has decreased. The residual chlorine odor and taste are not harmful. You might find it helpful to flush the system with a mixture of one quart of vinegar to five gallons of water. If you use a vinegar solution, the system should be allowed to stand for several days before the final flushing with fresh water for best results.

Even after performing maintenance to the system, consider adding in an additional water filter to remove residual tastes from water used for drinking or cooking. The only down side we have found with the kit we offer, Pure Water, is that it filters so well you may forget to perform this routine maintenance.

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