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Top Cap Retrofit, CDI Furler, CP-18, CP-22, C-22

Part #: D1932
This is a retrofit top cap for the Cruising Design's (CDI) Flexible Furler FF2. This cap acts as the top bearing for the furler and supports the new halyard sheave as well.
The previous cap had a curved hole through the plastic to accommodate the halyard. The hole led the halyard from the sail up, over, then back down into the forward grove of the foil. At the same time the hole avoided interference with the forestay by curving out and around it. The result was substantial friction when hoisting the heads'l. This new design adds a sheave to support the halyard, reducing friction substantially. This make it mush easier to hoist the sail.

It is used on the FF2 furler typically found in our Capri 18, Capri 22 and Catalina 22 Flexible Furling gear kits.
• Length: 4"
• Diameter, outside: 2-1/8"
• Clearance hole for forestay, diameter: 1/2"
• Halyard sheave slot: 1-5/8" x ~5/16"
• Halyard sheave clevis, outside diameter: 3/8"
• Halyard sheave outside diameter: ~1-1/8"
• Luff, recess details:
    Width: Cleared for 0.6" wide extrusion
    Lenght: Ceared for 1.4" long extrusion
    Depth, recess into cap: ~1-3/4"