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Mast Step Mounting Kit
C-22 <-85

Part #: D1959
Includes all of the fasteners needed to install a mast step on a first generation Catalina 22 with a teak compression post inside the cabin, under the mast step. The included 3-1/2" long lag screw is 1" longer than the original in case the threads have stripped out of the teak compression post. This kit also includes a 1oz tube of sealant to properly guard against water intrusion.
If the threads are stripped, you will also need the epoxy kit offered below. Fill the old hole in the deck and compression post with the epoxy and let it cure. Re-drill the hole and mount the new mast step using the sealant suggested below. Regardless if the threads are stripped or not, remember to drill a pilot hole deep enough to accommodate the 3-1/2" long lag screw. Installing the longer lag screw without the appropriate pilot hole might split the teak.
To prevent galling, lubricate all stainless steel threads with a thread lubricant like the one we offer below under "May we also suggest".