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Chainplate Backstay,
C-25, C-27, C-30

Part #: H1412
Backstay chainplate for the Catalina 25, 1985 and later, Catalina 27, and Catalina 30.

There are 4 holes in the chainplate, 3 for fasteners and 1 for the clevis pin. Note that one of the fastener holes are countersunk to accept a flat head bolt where the backstay chainplate is under the rubrail.

Some customers report they have only one bend in their 8" chainplate but this is the only 8" chainplate now available. For older 6" version see part below in "May we also suggest".
• Length: 8"
• Width: 1-1/4"
• Thickness: 3/16"
• Hole for clevis pin: 5/16"
• Fastener holes: Cleared for 5/16"
• Number of bends: 2

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