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Mast Step Halyard Plate C-27, C-28

Part #: H1866
This mast step halyard plate provides a convenient means of attaching blocks at the base of the mast without drilling holes in the deck or mast.
Includes 4 holes for blocks port and starboard, 3 holes forward plus 3 holes aft in a triangular pattern to accommodate the boom vang.

• Flat area - 7" X 4"
• Inside diameter of hole in center: 2-15/16"

1) You must drill mounting holes in this plate as the bolt hole pattern in the mast step has been inconsistent from year to year. Drill the halyard plate to match the hole pattern in your particular mast step.

2) If your Catalina 27 is new enough to have a garage that your sliding companionway hatch lives in, it is likely this part will not work on your boat. On boats we have sailed, the garage wraps around the mast step and doesn't leave room for the halyard plate.