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Harken Furling Gear Kit Complete C-30 Std or Tall Rig

Part #: K1870
The ultimate furling system for your Catalina 30. Own the Mercedes for a few hundred more than the Chevy and it's built in the US!. Fits both standard and tall rig boats.
• Foils and drum are securely connected with strong robust clamp to handle the high torque loads created when sails are reefed and furled in heavy air.
• Harken's "AirSwivel" halyard swivel connects to the halyard and is hoisted to the masthead. It is lighter to remove weight aloft, smaller for less windage and turns more freely with well engineered bearings. It also provides for use of the boat's halyard so luff tension can be adjusted from the cockpit.
• Tough triple-interlock foil joints withstand years of torque loading. Connector and geometric shape interlocks to foil and secures by coating engineered channel system with a syringe-injected adhesive. Screws provide a final lock.
• Independent halyard and tack swivels furl the center of the luff before the head and tack for improved sail shape and upwind pointing ability.
• Large inner spool diameter increases mechanical advantage for powerful reefing and furling. Unit rotates around forestay so furling bearings do not carry the forestay load for easy furling.
• Stacked bearing races in the halyard swivel evenly distribute radial and thrust loads to ball bearings; foils turn freely under halyard loads.

Our gear kit eliminates the need to make five trips to the hardware store. Not only do we include everything you need, we choose the best items from each manufacturer so you get a top of the line installation. It includes everything you need for easy installation on your Catalina 30:
Fairleads to lead the furling line aft to the cockpit
• Furling line cleat
• Halyard restrainer at the masthead prevents halyard wraps
• Schaefer Clear Step Furling Blocks (2)
• Bow pulpit mounted furling block
• Harken ratchet block for proper furling line handling mounts on the aft most stanchion.
• Proper custom toggle for the Catalina 30
• Custom clevis pin and bushings to match C-30 stem fitting
• Furling line
• Fasteners
• Sealant
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