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Halyard Bags C-310, C-320, Gray Mesh

Part #: Q0014
Halyard bags made of an open mesh weave to help the flow of air keep your halyards dry. This set of bags is a clever and convenient way to keep the cockpit free of clutter.
Each bag comes with twist fasteners for easy installation on the bulkhead.

Sized for the Catalina 310 and Catalina 320.

• Height Inboard: 19-1/2"
• Height Middle: 18-1/2"
• Height Outboard: 16-1/2"
• Depth: 3-3/4"
• Width: 18"

The location of every grommet on every halyard bag is checked after fabrication against the original factory template of twist fasteners to ensure a proper fit. Unfortunately, every halyard bag was hand made and every twist fastener was installed on every boat by hand. This hand built construction introduces potential errors in placement. About 3 - 4% of owners report that they have to reposition one or more twist fasteners and fill the old holes with gel coat paste to achieve a proper fit.