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Gel Coat White Paste '95-'04

Part #: Z2528
We've used Spectrum's gel coat patch repair paste in our own service department for minor dings and scratches. We have found it to be an exceptional product. It has a very "creamy" consistency which makes it easy to apply into any shape of damage. Applies to any surface including vertical and overhead.
The colors are matched to the original white Catalina used to build your boat. To compensate for the age of the boat or create a color to match your trim color using the tint adjustment kit (see related items).
• 2oz jar w/ required catalyst and instructions
1) This product has a limited shelf life. We intend it to be used for a single repair only. Once opened, it will begin to harden in the package. It must be used soon after opening. Don't expect it to work a month after receiving it and don't expect it to work after it has been opened for a week. Complete your prep work in advance so that, upon receipt of the product, you can take advantage of the full contents of the package.

2) Since this is classified as a hazardous material, it can only be shipped via UPS ground to the continental US and Canada. It cannot be shipped to foreign addresses, Hawaii or Alaska.