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Electrical Master Panel AC Safety Box Small

Part #: Z3610

Due to a break in the supply chain, this product is currently unavailable.

This clear plastic box is designed to enclose live AC circuits on the back side of the AC/DC master panel and protects users from electrocution. It is clear so you can perform routine inspections without the components being exposed.
This is the same box used on the back of master panels on new Catalina models.

This safety is feature is required on all new boats. If your insurance company asks for a Marine Survey, you will find "Add safety shield to the back of you AC master panel" listed on the "Must do now" list of items that need attention.

Outside dimensions of this small box:
• Height: 6"
• Width: 4-3/8"
• Depth: 3-1/2"

Material: 1/8" clear plexiglas, open at bottom where wires exit. Includes L brackets with adhesive back.

Check the dimensions of both of the boxes we offer against your boat to ensure the part you order will fit the back of your panel. Catalina used many different panels over the years, without the use of 3D modeling software to design the size and shape. We have no way to know which of these boxes might fit your panel. Some trimming or modification may be required. If you discover the box will not fit your panel, return it unmodified within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. Next, for your safety, have have a custom box fabricated that will work!

Be absolutely certain that your boat is unplugged from shore power before opening the master panel. Without this safety box installed, opening a master panel with live AC power connected is extremely dangerous!

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