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Propeller 4 Blade 10 X 5 Outboard Power Prop C- 25, C-27, C-30

Part #: Z5221
Outboard motor propeller for Catalina 25, Catalina 27, and the occasional Catalina 30.

Most outboards come equipped with a prop designed for lightweight, 350 pound aluminum fishing boats. They are typically about 9-1/4" in diameter with a 9" pitch. This pitch is far too great when used as the kicker on a much heavier displacement hull sailboat. As a result, the engine struggles as the prop takes too large a "bite" with each revolution and cavitates when you need thrust at low speeds. With a "flatter" pitch, the engine can run at the higher speed necessary to develop the most horsepower and torque.

The larger diameter and much lower 5" pitch is also more effective when trying to stop the boat when entering your slip.

• BF 8 - 2000 ->
• BF 10 - 1988 ->
• BF 15 - all years

• 9.9 High Thrust w/ spline
1) An occasional Catalina 30 owner will call about installing an outboard on their early boat. Once the original Atomic 4 or early 11 h.p. diesel dies, it can be cost prohibitive to re-power, especially if you only sail on a small inland lake.

In some cases owners may consider a good quality, extra long shaft Honda or Yamaha outboard as a replacement. In addition to the engine, you will need this power prop, our 4 Spring Motor Mount, and a set of Motor Mount Transom Backing Rails.

This is not an ideal solution and might only be considered reasonable for use in the most benign conditions. But under those circumstances, you might add years of useful life to your Plastic Classic.

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