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Mastup Mast Stepper with 3/8" Pintles

Part #: D1651
Ideal for short handed mast raising. It's like a really strong crew in the cockpit holding the mast above his head for as long as you need.
• Fabricated from square tubing for strength
• White electrostatically applied powder coating
• 3/8" Pintles are adjustable in height
• Roller on top eases positioning the mast
• Fits virtually any boat with an outboard rudder
• Supports the mast while trailering
• Eliminates raising & lowering problems on land or water
• Telescopes to 9-1/2' high

Step 1: Your mast stows and trailers horizontally supported by the bow pulpit mast carrier and the Mast Up.

Step 2: While standing at the aft end of the cockpit, raise Mast Up to its extended position.

Step 3: From the bow pulpit, walk the mast aft till the mast foot is at the mast step. The mast rolls aft on the Mast Up's roller. Insert the bolt through the mast step and the mast base. Your mast is already half way up!

Step 4: Have a helper watch for stray shrouds that may lasso a winch... The mast is already partially stepped and supported by the Mast Up. You don't have to lift the mast from ankle height. Have your crib boards in place and slide your hatch shut. Secure the hatch with the hasp. Stand on the sliding hatch facing aft. Straddle the mast. Grasp the mast and lift the mast to its vertical position.

Step 5: Have your helper lean against the mast to support it while you walk forward and pin the forestay. You're ready to sail!
Overall height, collapsed: ~67" (~5' 7")
Overall height to middle of top of roller, collapsed: ~62-7/8" (~5' 2-7/8")
Overall height, fully extended: ~110-1/2" (~9' 2-1/2")
Overall height to middle of top of roller, fully extended: ~106-3/8" (~8' 10-3/8")
Roller width: just under 4"
"U" cradle overall height inside: 6-1/2"
"U" cradle height above middle of roller: 4-1/4"
Pintle diameter: ~5/16" for 3/8" gudgeons
Distance pintle to pintle: adjustable
1) Due to its size, a shipping charge of $56.00 for the mast up will be added to your invoice at check out. This charge is in lieu of the standard shipping charge the online system calculates. This charge does not cover shipping for other items which may be on the same order which will be billed based on the standard shipping rate table.

2) When you order a special order item it sets off a chain of events like Willie Wonka in the chocolate factory. Once you turn the valve the chocolate is coming down the pipe. If you then decide you want caramel, the chocolate is still going to come out of the pipe. We can't put the Chocolate back in the pipe, so someone is going to have to eat it, and it's not going to be us! Your order can't be canceled, returned, or magically changed into caramel, so please order carefully the first time!

3) You may use this on smaller boats, but you will want to trim down the overall length from the bottom.