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Low Profile Plastic Spring 1/2 System, Vistabule Camper, Split Configuration

Part #: Z5304
A perfect night’s sleep in your perfect little camper

Add this low profile plastic spring system under your Vistabule’s foam mattress and enjoy all the comfort of an innerspring mattress just like at home.

Our spring system accommodates the settee conversion by treating each section under the mattress separately. In addition the variable spring rates allow for the human anatomy which concentrates weight in the hips. The softer springs under your shoulders create the straight spine that helps provide a good night’s sleep and a comfortable start to the day.

This kit is specifically made for the split bed configuration for those that want to maintain one side as a bed while the other side converts to a couch. Purchase two kits to accommodate both sides.
This custom configured kit includes the correct number of each of the Froli parts for the Vistabule:
• Full size spring bases to cover your berth.
• Four rows of softer light blue springs to cradle your shoulders.
• Stiffer dark blue springs to cover the remainder of the berth.
• Stainless steel fasteners to use as desired to keep the springs from shifting if converting to a settee.
• Tensions springs that can be added for additional support as desired.