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Genoa Clew Details of Catalina Direct Offshore Sails

Catalina 22 Furling Genoa Clew
  • Hydraulically pressed ring
  • Large patch with multiple layers of cloth near the corners for extra strength
  • Webbing reinforcement for additional strength
  • Note cleat for leach line. Patches secured at the aft end with Velcro prevent fouling during a tack

Catalina 30 Furling Genoa Clew

  A closeup of the sail illustrates the nylon webbing reinforcement stitched to both sides of the sail. There is even an extra patch of fabric atound the corner of the sail to prevent chafe.  
Catalina 30 Furling Genoa Clew
  A bit wider view shows just how large the corner patches are. They distribute the load over a wide area of the sail for strength. Note the cover patches over the leach and foot line cleats secured with Velcro to prevent fouling on the shrouds during a tack.