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Shackle, Captive Key Pin, 1/4” Pin: CP-14.2, C-15, CP-16, CP-16.5 Halyard

Part #: C1028
Key pin shackle for use anywhere where a shackle with captive key pin is needed. The photo above provides a relative size comparison to help you choose. Click one of the links in the "Other Sizes" tab to choose a different size shackle. Click "Order Now!" to purchase the part number specified for this shackle below. See "May we also suggest" at the bottom to select other types of shackles.
This specific shackle is used to attach halyards onto a sail (see "Specific Uses" below) on small boats.

Specific Uses:
• Capri 14.2 Halyard: Main or jib
• Coronado 15 Halyard: Main or jib
• Capri 16 Halyard: Main or jib
• Capri 16.5 Halyard: Main or Jib

Specifications for this Shackle #C1028:
• Nominal size: 1/4"
• Pin diameter (A): 6mm / 0.236"
• Outside length (B): 54mm / 2.126"
• Inside length (C): 40mm / 1.575"
• Inside width (D): 14mm / 0.551"
• Inside width to captive pin (E): 12mm / 0.472"
• Inside width captive pin to lower pin (F): 30mm / 1.181"
• Safe working load: 705kg/ 1550lbs
• Construction: Stamped
• Captive pin: Yes
• Material: Stainless steel
Nominal Sizes Available (click to view):
3/16”: Z4741
3/16": Z4740
• 1/4": C1028 (the shackle sold on this page)
1/4”: Z4742
1/4”: Z4669
1/4": Z2335
5/16": Z4656
5/16": Z3015

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