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Gooseneck Clip 5/16" - 1/2" CP-25, CP-26, C-27

Part #: H1961
This is the toggle between the boom half and mast half of the new style fixed gooseneck. The horizontal pin that attaches to the eye on the gooseneck casting is 3/8" diameter.

Includes tack shackle. Used on the later Catalina 27 equipped with the later, stiffer boom. This boom has a rib extruded along its bottom side where the boom vang and mainsheet blocks are attached using a simple shackle through the rib. We believe some Capri 25's, and the Capri-26 may be able to use this part also. Check your boat carefully to ensure proper fit.

• Height of clip: 1-1/8"
• Inside width of clip at gooseneck: 5/8"
• Outside width of clip at gooseneck: 7/8"
• Overall fore and aft: 2-1/2"
• Center of horizontal gooseneck casting pin axis to center of vertical mast bracket pin axis: 1-1/8"
• Inside height of tack shackle: 2'
• Diameter of three horizontal clevis pins: 1/4"
• As delivered the front of the clip will accept a 5/16" or 3/8" diameter vertical mast bracket clevis pin
• Remove the ferrule from each of the two forward horizontal clevis pins and the clip will accept the 1/2" diameter vertical mast bracket clevis pin sometimes found on the Capri 25 mast bracket

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