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Pop Top Power Lift Kit
C-22 86 <-> 94

Part #: D1992
Your crew will think you have installed a motorized hoist the first time they open a pop top with our "Power Lift" kit installed. They'll appreciate the added safety, too.
Two custom high pressure gas springs counterbalance the weight of the pop top and sliding hatch. The initial lift required to raise the pop top is reduced from as much as 70 pounds to around 20. The kit also provides a redundant method of holding the pop top in its open position. If the stock latch slips down, the springs hold the hatch forward against the mast.

For second generation boats built from 1986 through 1994, hull numbers 13143 through 15343. With complete printed instructions including photos of the important installation steps.

Caution: Always use both the Pop Top Mast Lock and the Pop Top Power Lift for safety... if someone on deck leans on a pop top that isn't latched it can still close on a crew member's fingers.

The gas springs must be at full extension for installation, so the mast must be down to install this kit.