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Sail Slide Flat 7/8"

Part #: E1800
Flat sail slide for the Catalina 250 Tall Rig and the Catalina 30. This is made from plastic, and is 7/8" wide and 1 3/8" long. Please measure your sail slides, as more than one size was used by Catalina.

Catalina 30 owners: The very early Catalina 30 used a different mast than subsequent boats. The early mast had a stainless steel mast track added to the spar after it was extruded. Later boats had an internal track extruded into the mast. Early masts also used welded spreader brackets with different spreaders than later boats. We have customers with hull numbers through at least #337 whose boats were built with this mast. Unfortunately there is no official record of the exact hull number when the mast changed so check your mast carefully, as this slide is intended for later boats that use the integral sail track only.

Catalina 34 and 36 owners: These are not adequate for use on a C-34 or C-36 at the head of the sail nor at the forward end of a full length batten. See the related item below for a heavy duty version for use in these locations.

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