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Sailkote Dry Lubricant

Part #: Z4143
We highly recommend this lubricant for furling gear and mains'l track. After proper application, your sails will hoist with ease. Apply to the groove of your furler's luff extrusion and the luff of your furling sails. Apply to the mast track and the sail slides on your mains'l.
The only lubricant recommend by Harken "for anything that moves". Blocks, travelers, sheaves. with or without ball bearings even sliding hatches and drawers.

Text from the package: Sailkote is the latest advance in high-tech PTFE dry lubricant technology. Bonds tenaciously to almost any surface. Reduces wear and lasts up to 10 times longer than Teflon additives, oil or wax-based lubricants. supplies clean durable protection designed to repel water, salt, dirt, and grime. Inhibits corrosion and mildew. Avoid contact with decks or surfaces where non-slip or grip is required.

8 oz. spray can
Since this is classified as a hazardous material, it can only be shipped via UPS ground to the continental US and Canada. It cannot be shipped to foreign addresses, Hawaii or Alaska.
I use this on the mains'l and furling jib luffs on all the boats on which I sail. Easy to apply with the pressurized can and the reduction in effort required for bending on the sails is evident right away. I have also used it on blocks and even the occasional squeaky door hinge at home.

A must have for your sail boat tool box and, if you are like me, keep a spare at home for those unexpected lubrication needs.

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