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Circuit Breaker
135 Amp Windlass

Part #: Z2740
This 135 amp, push on / pull off windlass breaker is identified by a round, red anodized aluminum knob marked 135. It was used on several small auxiliary panels. The panels were typically mounted near the cabin sole in a position that put it in a direct line between the battery bank and the windlass.

Unfortunately these breakers were always problematic because their action required an undue amount of force. Their modes of failure were:
1) Pulling "On" required enough force that the threads attaching the knob to the breaker would fail or...
2) The force required to switch on or off would break the panel itself.

As a result, their ongoing use fell to essentially zero. Availability is limited and expensive. As a superior alternative, we offer the replacement panel that Catalina used on newer boats.
See the breaker panel listed below under "May we also suggest" for the alternate part. They are much more convenient to use as they are easy to switch on and off.

The location of the windlass breaker reduces the length of cable needed to reach the windlass and thereby reduces voltage drop at high amp loads.