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Refrigeration Sea Water Circulating Kit

Part #: Z3873
Optional water cooling kit for our vertical or horizontal refrigeration units. Order for instances where the compressor is having difficulties keeping items cool due to higher ambient temperatures or smaller than ideal or less air circulation than recommended mounting locations.
• Centrifugal pump, 4 gallon per minute, 12 volt and mounting bracket
• Strainer w/ straight adapters for 5/8" hose
• (1) Hose adapter 5/8" barb (pump) to 3/8" barb (compressor)
• (6) Hose clamps for 5/8" hose (strainer, pump, and adapter barbs)
• (4) Hose clamps for 3/8" hose (compressor and adapter barbs)
• Short length of 5/8" inside diameter reinforced PVC-FDA hose (pump to hose adapter)
• Pump, length overall: 177mm (about 7")
• Pump, diameter where mounting bracket mounts: about 41mm (about 1-5/8")
• Pump height with mounting bracket installed (horizontally oriented output): about 67mm (about 2-5/8")
• Pump height with mounting bracket installed (vertically oriented output): about 85mm (about 3-3/8")
• Width of mounting brackets: about 70mm (about 2-3/4")
• Mounting surface to center of inlet barb: 34.5mm (about 1-3/8")
1) This kit will only work with our retrofit refrigeration kits that include a compressor designed for both air and water cooling. Originally supplied compressors were air cooled only.

2) The pump in this kit is designed to be mounted in a location that will provide constant water flow to the pump and is not self priming.

3) Depending on your specific boat it may be possible to use an existing through hull / water supply into which to T, be it the head intake or similar. An additional through hull can be installed but would require waiting until your next haul out for retrofitting the cooling kit.

4) You will need to source the 3/8" and 5/8" diameter hose along with fasteners for the pump mounting bracket based on your installation requirements.

5) For wire runs up to 36' to and from the pump, use 17 AWG wire or larger, not included. See Pre-tinned Duplex Electrical Wire, sold by the foot in "May we also suggest:" section if needed. Remember that the 16 AWG wire offered is larger than 17 AWG as the wire size increases as the AWG number decreases.
For wire runs up to 54' to and from the pump 15 AWG or larger is required, and for runs up to 90' to and from the pump go with 13 AWG or larger wire.