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Mast Boot C-34, C-36, C-42 Keel Stepped Mast

Part #: A8273
Two new stainless steel clamps are included. Regular maintenance is important to keep the boot looking good over time.
This piece is mountable without unstepping the mast. Cut the boot vertically then wrap it around the mast. Leave enough material for the ends of the boot to overlap. Trim off the top and bottom so that the circumference is correct to match the circumference of the mast and the circumference of the mast collar. Adhesive is included to bond the two ends of the overlap together.
Mast circumference: 23" plus
Mast collar circumference: up to 37" (see note 2 in Warnings & Notes)

Stainless steel clamps, included:
Mast circumference: 22" to 26-5/8"
Mast collar circumference: 27" to 31-3/4"(see note 2 in Warnings & Notes)
1) To clean use a good detergent, acetone or denatured alcohol. For stubborn stains use MEK solvent. The above cleaning should be followed by a vinyl cleaner like Meguires Heavy Duty Vinyl Cleaner. After restoration or when installing a new boot, apply a coating of Meguires PolyProtect and Vinyl Conditioner or ArmorAll to improve resistance to staining and dirt accumulation and assist in prolonging the life of the plastic.

2) This kit and clamps to fit most of the configurations supplied by Catalina. However, if your mast collar requires a larger clamp, order the additional larger clamp shown below.