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Anchor Navigation Light 37'-> Seldén Rigs

Part #: CF0007
This fixture has been discontinued by the manufacturer. See item Z2986 below under "May we also suggest" for the current replacement.

Navigation light, anchor light for boats with Seldén rigs that are larger than 37' in length. See "May we also suggest" below for replacement incandescent bulb as well as for the LED upgrade.
Recommended LED replacement:
Replacing this fixture's standard 25 watt incandescent bulb with our LED upgrade has the greatest return on investment of any LED upgrade on any Catalina built. A simple calculation illustrates how it offers energy savings greater than any other application.

See LED Upgrade below under "May we also suggest" below.
Know usage:
• Catalina 375
• Catalina 385
• Catalina 425
• Catalina 445
• Catalina 470 when equipped with Seldén rigs
• Stainless steel housing
• 12 Volt, 25 watt
• Amperage draw: 2.083 amps
• Similar incandescent: 2.083 amps x 10 hours = 20.8 amps / night
• LED: .1 amps x 10 hours = 1 amp / night
• Energy savings: Almost 20 amps / night
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