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C-250, CP-25, C-27, Traveler Upgrade For End Boom Sheeting

C-250, CP-25, C-27, Traveler Upgrade For End Boom Sheeting

Part #: H1770

Price: $275.00

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Complete with 4' double T track, car with recirculating ball bearings, and control end stops. Ball bearing sheaves on the car and end stops provide a 3:1 purchase. An integral cam cleat is provided at each end of the track. The track is 1-1/4" wide X 1" tall" by 4' long. Fastened are on 4" centers.

We originally designed this traveler upgrade for use on Catalina 27's with end boom sheeting. As it turns out, Capri 25 owners find it to be a perfect upgrade for them as well at a fraction of the price of a similar Harken system. See notes below for additional information as it pertains to the Capri 25.

Catalina 250 owners also enjoy the benefits of this traveler. The original C-250 traveler was designed only to facilitate moving the traveler away from the companionway when the boat is at anchor. This makes it much easier to enter or exit the cabin through the companionway. It is not long enough, nor does it work freely enough to function as a real traveler when under sail. This upgrade, with its ball bearing car and additional control line purchase, adds convenient mains'l shape control to your available sail handling choices. And its additional length makes it even easier to enter the cabin while at anchor!

  • Car, fore & aft: 2-5/8" (with nut)
  • Car, port to stdb: 4"
  • Track width: 1-1/4"
  • Track length: 4'

    Important Notes:
    1) Whenever we upgrade the Capri 25 traveler we also shim it with plastic or wood to raise it above the trough where it was originally installed. This will eliminate the problem of the traveler control lines getting jammed between the car and the deck. We have never installed this upgrade into the trough without shimming it. In fact it probably won't fit into the trough without shims.

    2) Early Catalina 27's will likely need shims between the fiberglass and the traveler track. The top of the shim is usually angled forward toward the end of the boom. These shims are not commercially available, and must be made by customer.

    3) We can fabricate this track to match your original mounting hole location for an extra charge. This is particularly useful on the Capri 25 as its original track was often mounted on 3" centers. Indexing is also useful for upgrading the Catalina 250 Wing Keel traveler as the stock traveler is only 28" long and has 3 holes near each end. As of this writing the charge is $30.00. (10/24/2013 Don't assume this charge is accurate today as this text is not automatically updated as prices change). Call for a quote and to order the traveler with custom indexed mounting holes.

    4) This is an oversize item which does not conform to our standard shipping policies. Call 800/959-SAIL for a shipping estimate.

    5)When you order a special order item it sets off a chain of events like Willie Wonka in the chocolate factory. Once you turn the valve the chocolate is coming down the pipe. If you then decide you want caramel, the chocolate is still going to come out of the pipe. We can't put the Chocolate back in the pipe, so someone is going to have to eat it, and it's not going to be us! Your order can't be canceled, returned, or magically changed into caramel, so please order carefully the first time!

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