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CP-22 Mainsheet Traveler Upgrade Kit

Part #: CD7018
This traveler upgrade kit replaces the original traveler used on the Capri 22. Its superior design replaces the four small rollers used on the stock track with circulating ball bearings for high strength and easy adjustment even under load. The traveler car is articulated so the mainsheet load is always evenly distributed between both rows of bearings.
The track is not drilled. Instead it uses a moveable fastener system. This allows you to use the existing mounting holes in your boat regardless of their hole spacing. The special metric stainless steel fasteners are included as are large diameter washers to distribute the fastener load over a large area. The overall length of the track is 3' 11-3/4".

Since the traveler spans the cockpit, we recommend using all eight sets of fasteners included with the kit. We even include the drill and tap needed to fasten the end stops to the ends of the traveler track.

1) Some Capri 22's used traveler car mounted cleats to control the position of the traveler car. We don't recommend this method. In windier conditions, the crew is hiking out on the weather rail and the car is likely eased toward the leeward end of the track. This places the cleats too far away from the crew to easily cleat and uncleat the traveler control line. We like the coaming mounted cleats used on later boats better. But we highly recommend replacing clam cleats with our Z3696 cam cleats listed in "May we also suggest" below. Cleats and mainsheet blocks are not included in this kit.

2) In order to drain properly, the cockpit seats in the Capri 22 are not perfectly horizontal. If you lay the track across the seats there will be a small gap between the bottom of the track and the deck at the outboard ends of the track. You must decide how you are going to address this gap. You can fashion a small shim for each end of the track to accommodate the angle. Some owners have simply tightened the mounting bolts down and caused the track to flex a bit to accommodate the angle.

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