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Spreader Boot Kit Leather CP-18, CP-22, C-25, C-27

Part #: E2014
Save your sails with the traditional look and robust protection provided by leather. Heavy waxed polyester sail twine, two sailmakers' needles, two prepunched leather boots, and instructions make it easy for you to complete a seaman like installation. The Catalina 25 and Catalina 27 use the same diameter spreaders. Our leather boots are custom made in the exact size to fit these spreaders.
All boats should have boots on the outboard end of the spreaders. They help protect the leech of your genoa during tacks or if a zealous crew over-trims the sheet. On a run they protect the main from chafe when you ease the main out against the spreaders.

The airfoil spreaders of the Capri 22 are slightly larger than the round spreaders of the Catalina 25 and 27. When used on the Capri 22 the sides of the leather above and below the spreaders will not quite meet. There will be a gap of about 3/16". They fit perfectly around the shrouds. We feel this is an acceptable alternative to the high cost that would be required for a custom die amortized over fewer Capri 22 owners.

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