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Prop Shaft Set Screw Dimpling Kit

Part #: Z4985
This purchase includes the proper centering punch and instructions required to properly dimple a new prop shaft without damaging the coupler.

When a prop shaft coupler is installed on a new prop shaft, it is imperative that the shaft be dimpled. Based on customer reports of failure, this has not been done to all shafts in the field.

The result can be problematic. For example, if you arrive at your slip, shift into reverse, and goose the throttle, the force of the prop trying to stop the boat can pull the shaft right out of the coupling! The result of course is that you crash your bow into the dock!
When you purchase a new shaft and coupler together from Catalina Direct, we require you also include the "facing" cost. This is a labor charge for a procedure that insures correct alignment between the new coupler and shaft. This guarantees your new prop shaft installation will run smooth without vibration caused by out of alignment parts. This service also includes dimpling of the shaft to match the supplied coupler.

If you order only a propeller shaft and no coupler, it will include the keyway you indicate on the order form. But without your old coupler, it is impossible for the manufacturer to accurately dimple the shaft to match it. It must be dimpled in the field when installed on your boat.

This kit includes instructions and the appropriate centering punch to dimple it yourself without damaging the shaft or the coupler.