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Damper Plate,
OEM, 5411, M-12, M2-12, M-18, M-320, M-25, M-25XP

Part #: Z4319
Damper plate for Universal engines. Often ordered with our replacement transmission, #Z4099, shown below in "May we also suggest."
Compatible with the following engine models (and the boats that we are aware used these engines... There could be other combinations as well):
• 5411 (Catalina 27, Catalina 30)
• M-12 (Catalina 25, Capri 26)
• M-2-12 (Catalina 25, Capri 26)
• M-18 (Catalina 27, Catalina 30)
• M-320 (Catalina 27, Catalina 28, Catalina 30)
• M-25 (Catalina 30, Catalina 34, Catalina 36)
• M-25XP (Catalina 28, Catalina 30, Catalina 34, Catalina 36)
• Outside diameter: 121mm (about 4-3/4")
• Hole details: 24 total holes on 111mm (about 4-3/8") diameter circle
• Small holes: 16, 5mm (about 3/16")
• Large holes: 8, 6mm (about 15/64")
• Hub length: 23mm (about 1")
• Number of springs: 6, all the same size
1) If your boat has a different engine, call our Tech Support line to get information on the appropriate damper plate for your engine as the hole pattern is different.

2) The pricing of the aftermarket and the OEM versions both may change with each purchase. Both are sourced from overseas factories and are competitively priced each shipment by the importer.

3) When you order a special order item it sets off a chain of events like Willie Wonka in the chocolate factory. Once you turn the valve the chocolate is coming down the pipe. If you then decide you want caramel, the chocolate is still going to come out of the pipe. We can't put the Chocolate back in the pipe, so someone is going to have to eat it, and it's not going to be us! Your order can't be canceled, returned, or magically changed into caramel, so please order carefully the first time!

4) A 50% nonrefundable deposit will be billed when your order for this item is accepted. The balance will be billed when the product ships.