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Water Pump Impeller Kit
2GM & 3GM Yanmar Engines, Pump w/ Straight Screw in Barbs

Part #: Z3319
This impeller kit is the factory replacement for Yanmar 2GM & 3GM Engines. It includes the factory impeller #124223-42092 and the factory cover gasket #124223-42110.
This pump was used on the engines listed below (and the boats that we are aware used these engines... There could be other combinations as well):
• 2GM20F (Capri 26 and Catalina 270)
• 3GM30F (Catalina 320)
• Outside diameter (of a new impeller): 51mm (~2")
• Width: 22mm (~7/8")
• Inside diameter: 12.6mm (~1/2")
• Quantity of Blades: 6
1) There were 3 different water pumps used on these engines. This kit is for pumps that have straight barbs that thread into the pump. See "May we also suggest" below for kits for the other pump configurations.

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