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Traveler Fastener Kit Garhauer Marine track

Part #: Z4330
Traveler fastener kit for Garhauer Marine traveler installation or retrofit for stronger installation using 5/16" diameter through bolts. Double check your boat to make sure that the inboard most fasteners on your traveler are through bolted. Some of the original installations consisted of shorter fasteners screwed into an aluminum plate that was glassed into the deck. This type of installation is prone to failure during an accidental jib.
Used on:
• Catalina 30
• Catalina 34
• Catalina 36
• Catalina 38
• May have been other boat models
• (2) 5/16-18 x ~6-1/2" Flat head, philips machine screws
• (2) 5/16" x 1-1/2" Fender washers
• (2) 5/16" Lock washers
• (2) 5/16" Hex nuts
• (2) 5/16" Cap nuts
To prevent galling, lubricate all stainless steel threads with a thread lubricant like the one we offer below under "May we also suggest".

May we also suggest