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Cabin Light White Plastic Swivel Eyeball

Part #: Z2290
This light is typically found mounted in a pocket molded into the liner as shown.

Unfortunately this fixture is no longer available. Please see "May we also suggest" below for available LED upgrades.
Given the advantages of LEDs, there are so few Halogen lights sold that production of the interior reflectors was discontinued thereby elimination the lights themselves. To make this fixture into a dimmable LED: see the module offered below: LED Replacement Module 3-Way
Overall diameter measured across the mounting holes: 93mm (about 3-3/4")
Total width including switch boss: 110 mm (about 4-3/8")

Bulb type: Halogen
Voltage: 12
Lumens: ~ 160
Power consumption: 10w ( ~ .83 amps)
1) Before 1999, the manufacturer supplied the White Plastic Swivel Eyeball fixture with a 20 watt halogen bulb. The 20 watt bulb was so hot that, over time, it "cooked" the fixture turning somewhat brown. If you don't like that look, we suggest you replace it with a new fixture with LED module in place of the original Halogen bulb. See below under "May we also suggest".

2) The early fixtures said inside" "Max 20w". Don't believe it. They were since changed to "Max 10w" without changing the material the lamp was made from. They should never have been rated for a 20w halogen bulb.