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Packing GTU for Stuffing Box, 3/16"

Part #: Z3191
Graphtex Ultra (GTU) shaft packing is a unique blend of PTFE fibers that are impregnated with PTFE and graphite. The combination produces a packing that is strong, very durable, and thermal conductive. It actually wicks heat away from the stuffing box allowing the shaft to run cooler and more efficient. 25" Long.
Manufacturer's statement: "GTU shaft packing is the ultimate performance shaft packing. This product is braided with W.L. Gore fibers, which renders it thermal conductive, allowing your stuffing box to run cooler. The low surface friction of GTU contributes to less drag on the shaft, which in turn results in better fuel economy. The combination of W.L. Gore fibers, PTFE and graphite produce a packing that is very strong and durable, eliminating the annual shaft packing replacement cycle. This product has proven itself in the commercial marine market for a number of years and is the number one choice of work boat owners around the world."

As a point of interest, some may be unfamiliar with the name, W. L. Gore. They are the manufacturer of Gore-Tex a waterproof yet breathable membrane used in outdoor outerwear fabric.