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Cam Cleat Schaefer Ball Bearing

Part #: Z2438
Has Harken's patent expired or something? These cleats look very similar to the Harken cleat at substantially less money. They have the same lightweight spring design that make for an easy to open cam when the line is cleated. Sold each.

Many cleat designs require you to drag the line through the cleat to open the cams. Once the line is cleated it is difficult to remove under load...
These cleats work well because:
• The cams are suspended on ball bearings for minimal friction
• Low friction allows use of very lightweight springs so it's easy for the line to open the cams
• Slick hard-coat anodized aluminum and curved top surface allows the line to slip into and open the cams with just a gentile downward pull
• Cleat and un-cleat a line from the other side of the cockpit with a flick of the wrist
• Handles line from 1/8" to 1/2" in diameter
• Safe working load: 300 pounds
• Suitable for control lines or to secure a halyard or sheet downstream of a winch
• Same 1-1/2" mounting hole spacing as the Harken 150 and many other cleats
• Fits Harken's cleat risers for use as jib sheet and halyard cleats downstream of a winch

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