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Water Pump Repair Kit Oberdorfer

Part #: Z3700
This repair kit is used to rebuild all vintages of Oberdorfer raw water pumps. If your pump is leaking either oil from the engine or raw water coolant from the pump, this kit is intended to solve your problem.
Rebuilding your pump will take some time. Unless your boat is on the hard, we suggest you purchase a new pump and a repair kit. Replace the pump to get the boat back into service, then rebuild the pump at your leisure. Now you have a spare pump ready for a quick swap the next time there is a failure.

It is important to know that some of the parts of this kit are sealed inside of the cardboard backing. You must open up the backing to find them.
• Impeller
• Two cover gaskets
• O-Ring
• Snap ring
• Oil seal
• Water seal
• Mounting flange gasket
• Two washers
This is a project typically completed by an experienced mechanic. If you are a DIY kind of sailor, we suggest you teach yourself how to accomplish a rebuild by studying some online videos before you order.

This project requires techniques that are beyond what our tech support staff can teach you over the phone. Information provided by the manufacturer and included with the kit provides tips for those already experienced with this type of repair. A step-by-step rebuild guide is not provided by the manufacturer.

Technical Support

Identifying the raw water pump on Universal engines
How do I know which kit I need to  order?
Water Pump Rebuild Tips
 Helpful tips for a task that requires careful work. Never run the pump dry!