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Quick Connect 15mm Stem Tee

Part #: Z4987
Fresh water fitting that can be retrofitted to the Catalina 320, later Catalina 42s, and other boats, which used red and blue, rigid fresh water hoses.
Originally only offered with three female fittings, which required short lengths of hose between the fittings when used to create the fresh water manifolds. Short lengths of hoses are problematic with the rigid red and blue hose fresh water system as any cuts to the hose that are not perpendicular can lead to leaks. Replace your equal tees and short lengths of hose with this stem tee if you are having any leaking issues at your manifold.
• Configuration: Tee
• Quick connect: 15mm male stem x 15mm female x 15mm female
• Typical tubing: Solid red or blue, rigid tubing