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Outboard Motor Mount, Four Spring

Part #: Z2275
This motor bracket is fabricated from tubular stainless steel, four big springs counterbalance engines that weigh over 95-115 pounds. Includes the white plastic motor mount board and stainless steel backing plate pictured.
Mounting holes match earlier models for easy retrofit without drilling. Thicker Stainless steel rails extend below the mounting holes and distribute the engine's load over a larger area. All pivot points are bushed with bronze and use compression tubes for low friction. Includes plastic board for reduced maintenance.
Vertical hole spacing center to center: 5"
Horizontal hole spacing center to center: 6-1/2"
The mount has 16-3/4" of travel.
1) Although the bracket will handle a 15 hp engine, we don't recommend over 9.9 hp. The boat doesn't need it, limited buoyancy aft argues against it and more than 9.9 hp is simply not required. This is a displacement hull. Regardless of engine size, the boat will only move through the water at hull speed. Never use over 15hp. The weight range refers to actual engine weight. Don't trust brochures. Weigh your engine before choosing a bracket to ensure proper counterbalance performance.

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