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Ladder Step Pad DIY Project

Part #: Z5219
This is a great Do-It-Youself project for adding our ladder step pads to your existing ladder. You will need some adhesive, our Tech Support article (located below), as well as the safety instructions from the adhesive manufacturer.

Plexus high strength structural adhesive is perfect for bonding our ladder step pads to 1" stainless steel ladder rungs. It is packaged in a 50ml two part base and accelerator cartridge that requires a dispense gun and mix nozzle that measures and dispenses precise amounts automatically.

This is the same product used by Catalina Yachts to bond the structural grid onto the hull of a boat during construction. The bond is so tenacious that the fiberglass parts being bonded will fail before the bond fails.
The adhesive and tools are available online from industrial supply sources like RS Hughes.

You will need:
• 1 ea: #078143-81106 Plexus MA8110 Two-Part Methacrylate Adhesive
   (1 tube will provide coverage for around 28" of ladder step pad)
• 1 ea: #078143-14280 Plexus 14280 2-Part Applicator Gun
• 4 ea: #078143-14285 Plexus Mixing Nozzle (Buy extra as these are inexpensive and a pain if short to complete your project)
• Scotchbrite red #7447 abrasive pad
• Alcohol wipes (without additives)
• Masking tape
• Clamps
Caution: Contains Methyl Methacrylate. This is one of the products you have heard of that will bond your fingers together! Always wear gloves and follow all safety precautions when handling this product!

Follow the instructions carefully to achieve a proper bond. Failure to follow the instructions may cause the bond to fail.

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