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T-Bolt with Toggle 1/4" LH

Part #: D1704
Earlier assemblies used a threaded toggle nut at the base of the screw as the connecting link between the threaded rod and the toggle. The forged T-bolt used in this assembly can't unscrew from the toggle like that earlier design.
Early Catalina 22's used turnbuckles with a T-bolt and toggle at both the top and bottom. Since the turnbuckle may have been installed with either the left hand or right hand thread T-bolt assembly at the bottom, we can't be sure which of the two you might need. Please check carefully before ordering.

Used on:
• Capri 16: All standing rigging (5 total)
• Capri 16.5 shrouds only (2 total) through hull #
• Capri 18 All standing rigging (6 total) through hull #742

• Capri 22 lower shrouds only (2 total) through hull #
• Catalina 22: All standing rigging (8 total) *
• Catalina 22 Sport: All standing rigging (8 total) through hull #

* Very early Catalina 22's through ~1986) used a double toggle turnbuckle, therefore the left hand thread might be on either the top or bottom of the turnbuckle. Most of this rigging should have been replaced long ago with newer roll swaged studs at the bottom of the shroud (top of the turnbuckle). Later Catalina 22's used roll swaged studs on the bottom end of the shrouds. Those studs were always right had thread
if you shrouds are still the OEM parts. The bottom T-bolt and toggles therefore are left hand thread.3

If you need the right hand version for an earlier boat that used double toggle turnbuckles, see "May we also suggest" below.
1) Some earlier boats may have used a slightly different design of T-bolt and toggle. However, this T-bolt with a hole provided in the top of the thread for a locking cotter pin will replace any factory original, left hand, T-bolt and toggle of the same 1/4" diameter, except for those on boats with the newer Seldén rigs.

2) In 2010 Catalina started supplying their boats with Seldén masts and standing rigging. Current production Capri 16.5 (hulls 1050 and up), Capri 18 (hulls 743 and up), Catalina 22 Sport (hulls 15759 and up), and Capri 22 (hulls 1259 and up) are now equipped with Seldén rigs. The turnbuckles supplied with
Seldén masts use toggles that are shorter than these standard toggles. Please make sure you have enough room for these longer toggles. For a direct replacement for your Seldén turnbuckle see PT Z3509 below in "May we also suggest".