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CP-22 Std Rig Racing Genoa 155% Furling by Ullman

Part #: CD6980
155% Racing furling Genoa by Ullman for the Capri 22 with a standard rig.

Aramid fibers such as Kevlar, Twaron and Technora are the most common performance yarns used in sailmaking. They are much stronger and have much less stretch than polyester yarns and they are less expensive than the top-of-the-line carbon and Spectra yarns. Sails constructed with an aramid fiber reinforced laminate hold their shape well enough for most racers. Radial sails (with their many panels) allow sailmakers to use more than one style of laminate in a sail. Stronger laminates can be used in high load areas like the leech and tack, while laminates with less strength can be used in the luff of the sail to keep costs down.
• Foot Line
• Leech Line
• Sail Bag

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Sail Type: 155% Furling Racing
Cloth Weight: 3 oz fwd, 3.5 oz aft
Draft Stripe: Yes (2)
Furling Cover (stbd side): No
Foam Luff: No
Leech & Foot Lines: Yes
Reef Reference Marks: At 145% and 135%
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