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Tiller Stay Tiller Controller

Part #: Z1779

Due to a break in the supply chain, this product is currently unavailable.

We've always liked the idea of a simple way of controlling the tiller short of an elaborate, power hungry autopilot. The Tiller Stay is inspired solution to the problem. It has all of the features necessary in a tiller controller.
The Tiller Stay consists of four primary components; a pair of friction spools (they look like sheaves but don't rotate), a tiller cleat, four bead adjusters and a yacht braid and stainless steel spring assembly. Fairleads ensure the line enters the friction spools at the proper angle. The spring/line assembly forms a continuous loop around the friction spools which, when cleated to the tiller cleat, moves with the tiller.

Tension is adjusted by moving one or more bead adjusters forward of the tiller cleat, effectively shortening the line and thereby increasing spring tension. Additional spring tension forces the line further into the V shape of the friction spools. The additional friction around the spools provides increased resistance to the tiller, allowing you to maintain your course as the wind increases.

The primary photo shows the Tiller Stay installed on a Catalina 27. See the additional photos at the left for more information.
• It can lock the tiller firmly in a fixed position for mooring or while hove to
• Its holding force can be adjusted precisely to achieve the correct tiller control in a variety of wind conditions
• The friction can be released in an instant returning complete control to the helmsman in an emergency or to dodge an obstruction
• The exact same holding force can be quickly reestablished after avoiding the obstruction