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Engine Shut Off Cable 20'
C-250, C-30, C-390

Part #: Z4553

Engine shut off stop cable. 20' long with "T" handle (may be trimmed to length). Solid stainless steel core slides within an inner liner, surrounded by a conduit in a long lay pattern of oil tempered wires, and encased with an outer jacket.

• Stainless steel solid core, 0.075" diameter, 145# test strength
• Inner liner of specially processed polymers to reduce friction
• Conduit in a long lay pattern of 16 0.032" diameter oil tempered wires
• Outer nonmetallic liner for smooth operation, about 1/4" outside diameter
• Length of metal section, near handle: 4-1/2"

Handle end of assembly secures to the boat or engine control panel with two nuts, one on the inside and one on the outside of the fiberglass. The nuts thread onto a male thread on the outside diameter of the tubular housing.

Will work on many diesel engines. Measure your boat to confirm proper length.

The Catalina 250 and Catalina 30 often used a 16' cable. The cable manufacturer no longer offers cables in one foot increments, only five foot increments. You may be able to substitute our 15' cable and save a few bucks. But be careful. Only use the 15' cable if it can be installed with large radius bends. Install a cable with small radius bends (less than 12") and the cable will be difficult to operate.



Not every length is available. Purchase the length you require, we have 15' and 20' shut off cables, or a length longer than required and cut down. To trim your Engine Shut Off Cable to length:
1) Loosen the two nuts on the hub and lay the cable out straight.
2) Pull the handle and expose a few feet more of the core than you intend to cut off the entire cable. If cutting a 20' cable to 16' application, pull out 7' to 8' of core, the 4' you intend to cut off plus an additional 3' to 4'. Failure to pull out the core before cutting may result in a core that could be too short.
Do not pull the entire core out of the conduit.
3) Mark the conduit at the intended length.
4) The lay lines within the conduit are hardened steel and cannot be hacksawed or easily cut. Use a grinder or rotary tool (such as a Dremel tool) with an abrasive attachment to grind the conduit. Use a bucket of water to dip the conduit in every few seconds of grinding to avoid excessive heat and melting of the plastic component.
5) Remove any melted plastic from the conduit.
6) During the period you have been trimming the engine end of the cable, there have been a few feet of exposed core at the handle end that may have gotten dirty. Wipe the exposed core to remove any dirt or debris before pushing back into the conduit.
7) Using a diagonal cutter or strong cutting pliers, cut the core to the required length.
7) Install the cable that is now the appropriate length for your application and sail away!



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