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Prop Strut C-27 & C-30 Early

Part #: Z3647
Prop Strut with Cutlass Bearing for the early Catalina 27 and Catalina 30 with either gasoline or diesel engines.
This strut was installed from the top, dropped through a slot in the hull, then fiberglassed in place. There were no bolt holes in the early strut, only a rectangular flange with rounded ends.
• Flange at the top of the strut:
    Fore and aft: 10-1/2"
    Port to starboard: 3-1/2""
• Top of flange to centerline of prop shaft
    Forward: 6-3/4"

The later strut is through bolted into a molded recess in the hull. The nuts are installed above the hull, inside the boat. The area around the mounting flange is then filled and faired from outside the hull. If you have the later style strut, see our part K1860 below in "May we also suggest"
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Technical Support

Strut Installation Methods & Typical Modes of Failure
Catalina employed different strut designs and mounting methods over the years. This article describes those designs and methods to aid in the understanding and repair of your boat.

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