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Varnish, Gloss Interior 2007->, Quart

Part #: Z4523
This self sealing, waterborne gloss acrylic finish is compatible with the finishes used at the Florida plant starting around 2007. Used on the bulkheads and interior cabinetry.
Application Benefits:
• Multiple coats can be applied within a 24-hour period for faster job completion.
• Ready to use. If necessary, thin with deionized water.
1) Naturally, when attempting a touch-up repair, the color of the original varnish will have changed. The repair may be visible unless the entire panel is refinished. It is wise to test your touch-up in an out of the way area to discover if you like the appearance before tackling the entire job. If you are not the original owner of the boat, the test area may also alert you of any incompatibilities between products used by previous owners and the new product, which may require removal of the previous finish before proceeding.

2) This is the best waterborne varnish available but it has only been formulated for spray applications. See detailed instructions in the attached data sheet in "Read More...".