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Raw Water Pump Clamp Kit "B" Series Engines

Part #: Z4157
Raw water pump clamp kit for your M-25XPB, M-35B, and M40B Universal Diesel engines. Used to attach the circular flange style Sherwood water pump, our part Z2874, or machined Oberdorfer water pump, our part Z3936, to the block on the "B" series Universal engines.
Occasionally we have a customer who previously retrofitted the engine with an earlier, non-machined Oberdorfer pump that did not require these clamps. Instead the mounting holes were part of the larger pump flange. These pumps required quite a bit of modification to fit. Now that the pre-machined Oberdorfer pump is available, many owners would rather use a pump they do not have to modify. Unfortunately, by now, the original clamps needed to install circular flange pumps are nowhere to be found, hence the need for this kit.
• (2) Cap screws
• (2) Lock washers
• Thicker "L" clamp, installed inboard
• Thinner "L" clamp, installed outboard
Typically your old clamps can be reused. This is a good thing because we don't have to tell you that they are ridiculously expensive.