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Cockpit Table and Hatch Support Arm

Part #: Z2664
Catalina's original support arm for fiberglass cockpit table used on the Catalina 320, Catalina 350, Catalina 380, Catalina 385, and Catalina 387. The table was offered as an option on the Catalina 34 and Catalina 36 starting in 1992. It was standard on the Catalina 42 and Catalina 445.

Read the Feature article Cockpit Table Support Arm Z2664 below under Technical Support before ordering.

These parts are known to be problematic. They are undersized and can fail prematurely. Read the feature article to help mitigate the issues.

You purchase this part at your own risk. They are sold without warrantee. Your only recourse in the event of failure is to purchase another.

We have had feedback from a Catalina 42 owner who was able to successfully replace these when used for supporting the cockpit table leaves with the after market version in "May we also suggest" below, our #Z5485. You might consider those as a possible alternative solution.

Sold each
Additional uses include:
• Small interior locker hatch lids like engine fluid access hatches
• Navigation table chart storage lid

There may be additional, unrecorded instances when this arm was used of which we are not aware.

This support arm is designed to hold tables level and upright. It automatically locks when the table leaf is raised and does not trip if the table is unintentionally lifted or if someone touches it with their knee.

Early versions used a very small diameter bungee cord that acted as the internal "spring". As the rubber in the bungee cord aged, it would fail. This new design uses an internal spring attached to a small diameter line. With no rubber to fail this version has improved longevity.
Gently lift the leaf of your cockpit table and this clever support arm snaps into place. The design also prevents dumping your entire dinner on the cockpit sole when a guest gently bumps the support with their knee as a traditional scissor design will. But the same light spring tension that makes the support deploy automatically is also easily damaged by too much force.

Two scenarios to avoid:

• Push the center of the arm to lower the table as you would a scissor design and it will break. The table
must be lifted slightly to disengage the middle joint first before pushing the center of the support out of column and lowering the leaf.

• Lift the leaf too far or too hard and the light internal spring will be damaged, breaking the lanyard free. Once the lanyard is loose, the support arm will no longer snap into column.

Failure due to either of the above reasons are considered operator error and are not covered under the manufacturer's warrantee.

Technical Support

Cockpit Table Support Arm Z2664, Read Before Installing
Why is there yet another bruise on my thigh?  Quick check before installation to prevent failure and the resulting calamities.

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