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Cowl Vent 3" Low Profile

Part #: Z3894
3" diameter low profile cowl vent. Includes deck plate and cover.

On the original order form for early Catalinas the buyer had the option to order a forward vent. At the time, the most popular vents were made by a Northern California company called Nicro/Fico. The Nicro vent line was purchased by another company when Nicro/Fico's original owner retired. As a result, we can still supply this original vent.
Choose with caution. Other brands of vents were used by Catalina as well. If Nicro ran out of product or another company arrived with a more competitive price, these other brands may have been used for a time. These running changes were never recorded. Always compare the look as well as the dimensions below to ensure you are ordering a vent that will work on your boat.

• Height above deck: 4"
• Inside diameter: 3"
• Outside diameter of spigot : 3-1/4"
• Deck cutout diameter in deck: 3-1/2"
• Deck flange outside diameter: 5"
If you discover that another brand of vent was installed in your boat, it may or may not be available any longer. The economic trials that started in 2008 caused many smaller marine companies to either cease production or be absorbed by other, larger companies. These companies discarded many of the smaller company's less popular products. If that is the case, the original vent's deck plate can be removed and replaced with the included deck plate. Just check that the mounting hole in your deck is 3-1/2" to accommodate the new deck plate.

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